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Hotel Up-Hus-Idyll with Svensson´s hanging fabric Nova

Hotel Up-Hus-Idyll

Hotel Up-Hus-Idyll with Svensson´s hanging fabric Nova.

Zizzi restaurants with Svensson fabrics

Hotel Von Kraemer

Hotel von Kraemer is located in the suburb of Kåbo, near Uppsala Castle and the University Hospital with a view overlooking the city.

Hyatt Place with Svensson fabrics

Hyatt Place

JOI-Design has created the interiors for the Hyatt Place Frankfurt, the lifestyle brand’s first property in Germany. 

LeBuffet with Svensson upholstery fabric Retro.


The development of the Fresh Flow concept meant for LeBuffet a milestone in the department store catering.

Radisson Blu Cologne with Svensson fabrics

Radisson Blu

In the Whonidee suite, natural materials and fabrics from Svensson create a relaxed, reflective mood at Radisson Blu in Cologne.

 Schlosshotel Monrepos with Svensson fabrics

Schlosshotel Monrepos

After two years of renovation Schlosshotel Monrepos now shines with a brand new design. The new appearance is geared to the straight-lines and clear architecture of the 60’s.

Zizzi restaurants with Svensson fabrics


The first restaurant was opened in Chiswick in 1999, since then Zizzi have opened more than 140 restaurants across the UK and Ireland. Svensson has been successfully specified on a number of the recent restaurant refurbishments nationwide.

The Årstaviken Hotel with Svensson fabrics

Årstaviken Hotell

The Årstaviken Hotel is included in the Norlandia Care Group as one of the largest players in the business area covering hotels, schools and retirement homes. 


Keflavík airport with Svensson fabrics

Keflavík airport

When Iceland Keflavik Airport was to be renovated, upholstery fabrics from Svensson were chosen. ASK Architects is behind the project. 

Mein Schiff 3 TUI with Svensson fabrics

Mein Schiff 3 TUI

The cruise ship Mein Schiff 3 is the first new ship built by TUI Cruises, whereby the design focuses very much on environmentally friendly aspects.

Keflavík airport with Svensson fabrics

Silja Serenade

Silja Serenade is a cruiseferry owned by the Estonian shipping company Tallink Group, operated under their Silja Line brand on a route connecting Helsinki to Stockholm, via Mariehamn.

SJ Fast train 2000 with Svensson fabrics

SJ Fast train 2000

The SJ High-speed trains are Swedish railways' fastest and most comfortable trains. X 2000 and SJ 3000 operate on the SJ High-speed train routes.

Stena Germanica

Stena Germanica

Stena Germanica is today the largest ferry and belongs to the ranks of the world's largest ferries with its 240 meters length and 29 meters in width.

Värmlandstrafik with Svensson fabrics


The bus company Värmlandstrafik in Sweden has produced 159 new buses operating throughout the county of Värmland together with Volvo and Nobina.

Furniture manufacturer

Adrenalina with Svensson fabrics


Adrenalina Design produces sofas and armchairs in unusual and sometimes ironic styling, colourful and audacious, but also comfortable and functional. 

Arflex with Svensson fabrics


The Tokio sofa upholstered in the Svensson fabric Moss. The sofa is raised just over the floor plane giving it a floating appearance.

Busnelli with Svensson fabric


The teaming up of Svensson with Italian furniture maker Busnelli is a match made in heaven. Both firms are noted for their exquisite craftsmanship and design.

Blå Station with Svensson fabrics

Blå Station

Blå Station gets inspiration from questioning the accepted and formalized and by perceiving new behaviours.

Bejot with Svensson fabrics


Bejot is a Polish manufacturer of office chairs and armchairs, with a monthly production of more than 10.000 units. 

Davison Highley with Svensson fabrics

Davison Highley

Davison Highley is a British furniture manufacturer where every piece of furniture is produced and designed in Great Britain. 

Herman Miller with Svensson fabrics

Herman Miller

Herman Miller with Svensson fabrics.

Inno with Svensson fabrics


Inno is a Finnish furniture manufacturer that produces furniture for public spaces. Good design, ergonomics and the possibility of individual adjustments are Inno's keywords.

Johanson Design with Svensson fabrics

Johanson Design

For more than 60 years Johanson has been making Swedish furniture with classy, simple lines and a well thought out design. 

Jonas Ihreborn with Svensson fabrics

Jonas Ihreborn

Jonas Ihreborn is not only the company name but also the name of its colourful central figure. Born into the profession Jonas is the third generation in a well known Swedish upholstery family.

Jonas Ihreborn - Story with Svensson fabrics

Jonas Ihreborn - Story

Jonas Ihreborn is not only the company name but also the name of its colourful central figure. Born into the profession Jonas is the third generation in a well known Swedish upholstery family.

Jonas Ihreborn - Talk with Svensson fabrics

Jonas Ihreborn - Talk

The Talk family is designed to fit into smaller spaces but also perfect to customized lengths settings. 

Morgan Furniture with Svensson fabrics

Morgan Furniture

Morgan Furniture is a leading designer and manufacturer of contract seating, building strategic partnerships with designers and specifiers and working to provide quality interior solutions. 

Moroso with Svensson fabrics


Moroso has been working in close collaboration with some of the world’s most talented designers to produce luxury sofas and seating since 1952. 

Adrenalina with Svensson fabrics


With a rich selection of additional sets designed to provide unique interior design, NOTI furniture collection compromise a wide range of lounge suites for various uses.

OCEE with Svensson fabrics


OCEE Design is an independently owned UK manufacturer of commercial furniture suitable for corporate, hospitality, educational and leisure environments.

Pedrali with Svensson fabrics


Pedrali is an Italian company producing contemporary furniture for public spaces, offices and homes. 

Roger Lewis with Svensson fabrics

Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis are British designers and makers of high-quality contemporary seating. The furniture sells around the world to retailers, designers and contract specifiers.

Tacchini with Svensson fabrics


Natural warmth and technological innovation, manufacturing and care for details, safety and wellbeing. Concrete values you can find in every product and space. 

Vitra with Svensson fabrics


Vitra is a Swiss company dedicated to improving the quality of homes, offices and public spaces through the power of design.

Health Care

Finsalhagen Omsorgssenter with Svensson fabrics

Finsalhagen Omsorgssenter

Finsalhagen Omsorgssenter in Hamar, Norway is a 4900 m² retirement home for patients with dementia. It has 28 new residental homes and 14 nursing homes.


New Ullerud with Svensson fabrics

New Ullerud

Retirement home and nursing home in the Norwegian city of Drøbak, completed in 2017. Complementing existing buildings, the business now has a further 160 hospice beds.

Psykiatrins Hus with Svensson fabrics

Psykiatrins Hus

Psychiatry's house being built at the University Hospital in Uppsala area. The new building comprises approximately 33,000 m² gross area.


KTH with Svensson fabrics


Environment and sustainability were the two ‘buzz’ words when Spectrum Architects were assigned to assist the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm.

Simonsland with Svensson fabrics


In the old industrial site in the centre of Borås a new meeting point is created. A meeting point for creative businesses within textile, fashion and design.

Örebro University with Svensson fabrics

Örebro University

Örebro Business School is a part of Örebro University, which is one of the fastest growing universities in Sweden with approximately 17,000 students.



500 chairs dressed in Svensson fabric Ink in the remodeled congress hall in Borås, Sweden

Borås congress hall

Over 500 chairs dressed in Svensson fabric Ink in the remodeled congress hall in Borås, Sweden.

Balenciaga - Master of Couture with Svensson fabrics

Balenciaga - Master of Couture

The international exhibition Balenciaga - Master of Couture has been created by the famous Victoria and Albert Museum in London and highlights the creative process.

Oslo Opera House with Svensson fabrics

Oslo Opera House

Officially opened in April 2008, the Oslo Opera House was designed by the Norwegian architectures from Snøhetta. The opera, which took five years to complete, sits on the bank of the Bjørvika district.

The Corning Museum of Glass with Svensson fabrics

The Corning Museum of Glass

The Glass Market Cafe is one of the Corning Museum of Glass' most spectacular settings.


SAS Headquarters with Svensson fabrics Mint and Prime

SAS Headquarters

SAS is headquartered in Frösundavik, next Brunnsviken in Stockholm city center. MER architects were responsible for the transformation of the offices to the new, modern premises.

The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers decorated with Svensson fabrics

Sveriges Ingenjörer

The Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers has created a calm and efficient workplace by using Svensson textiles

Bisnode Headquarters with Svensson fabrics

Bisnode Headquarters

The Bisnode group is Europe's leading provider of business information. The company has offices in Sweden in Stockholm, Umeå and Gothenburg. 

Cavaliere with Svensson fabrics


Cavaliere är ett svenskt textilföretag med huvudkontor i Borås. Den nya moderna anläggningen invigdes 2004.

Upholstery fabric Rami on chairs at Fattighuset


Fattighuset is one of Halmstad's most fascinating buildings. The old house where paupers accommodated during the 1900s transformed from shelter to modern property.

Imento headoffice in Moss, Norway.

Imento Norge AS

Imento is one of the leading companies of the IKT-market and has it´s headoffice in Moss, Norway. They used Svensson Step fabric.

Kinnarp office with Svensson fabrics


Kinnarp office with Svensson fabrics.

Microsoft Sweden´s headquarters with Svensson fabric Ink, Metropolis and Rami

Microsoft Headquarters

Microsoft Sweden is headquartered in northern Kista. The office environment is created for concentration, interaction, creativity and collaboration.