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Martindale testing

Martindale is a measure of how durable a fabric is. In order to ensure that fabrics meet our high standards, we test the material by rubbing it against a standard woollen material in a Martindale machine. It is an important test on upholstery fabrics which are subject to a lot of wear. The abrasion test is done according to a specific pattern and pressure, where three samples from different parts of the material are tested simultaneously. The test runs until two pieces of thread have snapped off, then the sample is removed. The number of cycles / runs is noted from the counter and the test continues until all three samples have completed their runs. The result is equal to the lowest result of all three samples. The recommended value for textiles for use in public spaces is approx. 50,000 Martindale. All our upholstery fabrics have a value of at least 40,000 Martindale (number of cycles)