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Zandra Ernebro and Lene Cathrine Karlsen

New sales representatives

We welcome our new representatives Zandra and Lene Cathrine to our sales team. Zandra will focus on Gothenburg and western Sweden, while Lene Cathrine will be based in Oslo.

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NordShield-treated textiles at Östra Hospital, Gothenburg

White Arkitekter, in collaboration with Svensson, has created a more personal atmosphere at the Children's Emergency Department at Östra Hospital in Gothenburg. The key was Nordshield, a textile treatment that allowed the use of interior textiles in the hospital's consultation rooms.

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Svensson production

pCon Catalog

In a move to make our textiles more accessible, Svensson interior textiles are available on the pCon.catalog portal. We offer a curated selection of our upholstery and hanging fabrics directly to interior designers and professionals.

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Svensson production


As Sweden's leading manufacturer of interior textiles, we at Svensson are proud to offer EPDs for a wide range of upholstery fabrics and hanging textiles.

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Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024

During an intense and inspiring week at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Stockholm Design Week, we at Svensson presented our new booth concept, which was developed in collaboration with Gabriella Lenke and Mattias Ståhlbom at TAF Designstudio.

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