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Correct method for the stain

You will find below a list of methods to wash your fabric, depending on what has been spilled on it.

Wine, White Wine & Red Wine - Rinse with cold water as quickly as possible Then soak the fabric for a few minutes and machine wash. Using salt on the wine stain occasionally works well on red wine. But be sure to quickly soak the fabric afterwards in cold water.

Tea - Tea is whitened with citric acid mixed with 9/10 water or vinegar and chemically pure petrol.

Candle wax – First, scrape the wax off the fabric, without damaging the fabric. Then put oven paper or something similar both under and over the stain. Then lightly iron the wax stain to melt the wax so it attaches instead to the paper below.

Chewing gum - Treat with stain remover. If you still do not get the chewing gum off, the stain can be frozen. Then scrape the chewing gum carefully away without damaging the fabric. Then wash.

Blood - Must be rinsed in cold water. Then the blood does not coagulate in the same way and it is easier to remove. Preferably mix in a little salt in the water when you risk – 10 tbsp salt for one litre of water.

Chocolate - Chocolate is best removed by rubbing in milk or soap solution on the dirt stain. Then wash the fabric as usual.

Ink - Use citric acid solution or methylated spirit on the stain. Wash carefully and until the ink disappears. Then wash afterwards.

Grease - Wash the grease stain with warm milk. Then wash.

Rust - Rust is best washed off with citric acid solution.

Egg - Egg stains are best removed with cold water. Wash the stain as quickly as possible and try to remove as much as possible before you wash.

Beer - Use wine vinegar to dampen the fabric. Then wash with liquid detergent and bleach, but only if the fabric handles bleach.

Make-up - Use detergent or soap with water and wash the stain. Then wash the fabric as usual.

Oil - dissolve as much of the oil as possible with petroleum spirits. Rinse off the petroleum spirits with soap or dishwashing detergent and water. Then wash the fabric. Be especially careful when you use petroleum spirits so you do not bleach the fabric.

Mascara & Lipstick - Rub dishwashing detergent or laundry detergent on the staid and wait a few minutes. Then wash.

Ketchup & Tomatoes - Use ordinary stain remover and wash.

Dye and Paint - Soak the fabric as quickly as possible. If the pain is water-based, it will be enough to wash with ordinary biological detergent. Oil-based dyes are more difficult, but try to quickly wash with petroleum spirits and then wash the fabric as hard as possible, without damaging it.

Nail polish - Drench a cotton ball in oil-free acetone and dab the back side of the fabric, behind the stain. Check first which material the fabric is made of. Acetone must not be used on acetate or triacetate fabrics. Wash as usual.

Jam or preserves - Treat the stain with ordinary stain remover or briefly soak the stain in warm water and then wash the jam or preserves stain as usual.

Toothpaste - Toothpaste can bleach. Therefore, it is important to quickly soak the fabric and then wash it as usual.

Shoe polish - A shoe polish stain should be treated like a grease stain. In other words, treat the stain with warm milk as soon as possible and then wash.