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Who we are

We are the fourth generation of the Ludvig Svensson family – a Swedish company led by siblings Anne and Anders Ludvigson. The passion for textiles that defines our organization is one that embraces both design and function.

Company: AB Ludvig Svensson   Headquarter: Kinna, Sweden 
Founded: 1887 Daughter companies in: China, Holland, South Korea, USA 
Business: Textile climate- and interior solutions  Owner: the Ludvigson family 
Brand: Svensson Run by: 4th generation Ludvigson 
Employees: 400 President: Anders Ludvigson 
Turnover: ~735 MSEK   Chairman of the Board: Tore Bertilsson
Export share: ~85 %  


A global player with a local touch

Svensson is based on a wide range of textiles with roots in the Scandinavian fashion tradition and with over 130 years of experience in textile crafts. To be at the forefront of quality, design and function, we are constantly working on developing our process, technology and material.

Our production primarily takes place in Kinna, Sweden, and in Qingpu (Shanghai), China.

We control and own the entire manufacturing process, from the drawing board and the choice of yarn and raw materials to the desired solution and the finished product. This provides unique opportunities to influence and develop each part of the process. This is complemented by a network of good suppliers. We are therefore able to offer our customers great flexibility and unique solutions according to their specific demands and requirements – whatever the size of the project.

Svensson values

Our values define who we are. Our fundamental beliefs guide us how to act and what decisions to make. They affect how we treat each other as well as how we serve people outside our organization


We are a family business founded
in 1887. Hard work and the drive to
evolve keep us on a sustainable path.


Honest, caring and always at hand
- this is the way we do it.


We're constantly in the pursuit of new
opportunities - at home and away.


Svensson code of conduct

Svensson works proactively to achieve an effective, sustainable business in terms of our own organization, our production facilities, and our suppliers. We comply with legislation and keep constantly up to date on laws, regulations, and directives so that we can regularly review working conditions in our business operations.

Our code of conduct includes:

  • Prohibition of discrimination
  • Prohibition of mental or physical punishment or threats of punishment within employment or work
  • Prohibition of slavery or forced labour
  • Prohibition of child labour
  • The right to fair wages
  • The right to regulated working hours
  • The right to good working environments
  • The right to freedom of association
  • The right to security and safety at work