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Nordshield BioLayr® - a physical barrier against bacteria 

NordShield BioLayr® is a textile treatment that creates a physical yet invisible barrier against bacteria. The technology works by forming an ultra-thin layer that hinders the accumulation of microbes on the surface of the fibers. Due to its molecular-level operation, it seamlessly integrates with the textile without altering its properties or appearance.

What sets NordShield wood-based technology apart is that it's based on side streams of the forest industry and entirely free from heavy metals. By utilising renewable ingredients, the resulting product is not only sustainable but also compliant with Oeko-Tex and EU Ecolabel requirements. All of our textiles are processed at our production facilities located in Kinna, Sweden. 

The NordShield treatment is available for these textiles


Mint is one of our best-selling, three metres wide curtain, creating hanging opportunities that are entirely based on the composition of the room. The quality of the fabric produces a wonderful level of light filtration, regardless of the season.


Its acoustic properties and understated elegance have made Grain a popular fabric. The sound absorbing curtain is based on various colours of contrasting yarns which together create a shimmering outward appearance.


Yoyo is a highly functional A-rated sound-classified curtain. The vibrant, extroverted tones allow the textile to stand out – and quickly find its place in any school setting or healthcare environment.

Hinders accumulation of microbes

The mechanism of the NordShield wood-based technology is based on the formation of an ulta-thin layer that physically inhibits build-up of bacteria. It prevents the accumulation of microbes on the surface of the fibers thus preventing the development of unwanted pathogens. All without impacting the properties of the textile, such as colour, feel or fall.

Adding function and enabling extended use

The treatment is offered for a curated selection of hanging textiles from Svensson. The technology enables the use of interior textiles in hospitals or other care environments with stringent hygiene standards. Additionally, NordShield-treated textiles are ideal for office environments and schools, with the added benefit of bacteria control.

Easy to handle and maintain

Textiles treated with NordShield are washable at 40 degrees Celsius. In this way, it is possible to save both energy and water since the bacteria can be eliminated also when washed at lower temperatures. The effect of the treatment on Trevira CS textiles is determined to be around 90-99 % efficiency after five washes.

NordShield is environmentally friendly

NordShield is a sustainable alternative to textile treatment and antimicrobial protection, entirely free from heavy metals. Instead, the wood-based technology uses nature’s own substances to achieve functional effect. The product is simply diluted with water into a treatment solution. The ultra-thin layer is formed upon drying and no additional energy consuming curing steps are required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Textiles treated with Nordshield BioLayr ®  can be washed in temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius.

It is recommended to wash Trevira CS based textiles a total number of five times. The effect of the treatment is determined to be around 90-99 % after five washes. 

The NordShield techonology has been tested for ecotoxicological effects and is not acutely toxic to aquatic organisms. All components of the product are biodegradable.

The bacteria's cell division ceases due to unfavourable conditions.

By altering the topographical microenvironmental properties of the fiber, microbes are hindered to deposit, keeping textiles unaffected.

The term "microbe" is short for the word "microorganism", which in turn is an umbrella term for small, living organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These organisms are generally visible through a microscope. There are several types of microbes, including bacteria and viruses. 

Tradionally, biocides have a mechanism that includes leaching of active substances (eg. silver ions) or a direct chemical effect on the bacteria. The mechanism of the NordShield BioLayr ® technology is based on the formation of a physical contact barrier that hinders the accumulation of microbes. The capabilities of target organisms being deposited are hindered, without being affected in any way via chemical action.

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