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Haus Wiesenthal

Haus Wiesenthal is located in the Erzgebirge or Ore Mountains region, which has featured on the Unesco World Heritage List since 2019. The hotel, which was built during the 1970s, has recently been completely renovated with the purpose of creating an inviting, spacious atmosphere through the coherent use of colours and materials.  Quality and functionality guided the choice of furnishings, lighting and textiles at every stage.

Object Haus Wiesenthal
Location Oberwiesenthal, Germany
Architecture & Design ATELIER n.4

Fabrics used in this project

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Haus Wiesenthal med Svenssons tyger

Haus Wiesenthal

Haus Wiesenthal has recently been completely renovated. Quality and functionality guided the choice of furnishings, lighting and textiles at every stage.

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