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Landskrona Museum

Photography is an important part of the language of fashion. As it is forever adaptable it follows the contemporary trends by showing our ever-changing ideals. The image of fashion dares at the same time to be liberally extravagant and curious in an experimental way.

In a unique and generous exhibition, Landskrona museum showed how Swedish fashion photographers have perceived and depicted fashion since the early 20th century until today.

About 20 photographers are represented at the exhibition, for example, Sten Didrik Bellander, Georg Oddner, Hans Hammarskiöld, Kerstin Bernhard, Ralf Turander, Claes Lewenhaupt, Mattias Edwall, Sandra Freij and Calle Bengtsson.

Our fabric Mint had the privilege to be the backdrop in the exhibition and gave added life to this beautiful space.

Landskrona Museum
Location Landskrona Museum, Sweden
Architecture & Design Landskrona Museum & Tonie Lewenhaupt

Fabrics used in this project

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Fabric Mint from Svensson at Landskrona Museum in Sweden

Landskrona Museum

Hanging fabric Mint used as a backdrop at the Landskrona Museum

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