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 Stockholm Furniture Fair 2024


During an intense and inspiring week at the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Stockholm Design Week, we at Svensson unveiled our new stand concept, developed in partnership with Gabriella Lenke and Mattias Ståhlbom at TAF Designstudio. With a foundation in architectural elements, inspired by our textile factory in Kinna, we invited visitors into a world of textile innovation.

One of TAF's assignments was the challenge of displaying our wide range of textiles in a way that was efficient yet simultaneously inspiring.

"We wanted to create a new way to display fabrics for both hanging textiles and upholstery fabrics. We tried an idea in Ludvig Svensson's stand at the fair, which is based on tall, architectural elements for the hanging textiles - an idea that aroused great curiosity among the fair's visitors."

TAF's visionary work also resulted in the creation of two types of furniture; a bench and an armchair with the purpose of exploring and highlighting Svensson's upholstery fabrics.



A huge thank you to all of you who visited our stand and our showroom during the Stockholm Furniture Fair and Stockholm Design Week 2024! Your engagement and passion for design inspire us every day, and we look forward to seeing how you will integrate our textiles into your upcoming projects. We are excited to meet again, both in our showroom and at future events. Together, we will continue to explore and create new textile solutions for more inspiring and sustainable environments.


Experience the exhibition concept in our showroom

For those who missed the exhibition during the fair week, there is an opportunity to see the concept in the gallery space of Svensson's showroom at Götgatan 9 in Stockholm.

Experience the spring's new arrivals

Order samples of a selection of this spring's textiles. Experiment with colour and shape to discover new favourites and compose a solution that suits your specific project.

Explore our recycled textiles

Our RE-label highlights textiles that are made entirely or partly from recycled material. Together with our partners, we find new ways to reduce waste without compromising on quality.