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Debut is the beginning of a new era for Svensson.
The product is the kick-start of a truly sustainable range and along the way there, circularity will be a vital guiding principle.

For us, this means focusing on the lifetime of the fabrics and getting maximum use from the materials. This means we’re exploring new avenues which provide smarter workflows.
And thanks to having our own production facility in Kinna, Sweden, we can make sure that this actually happens. We have total control over the whole process from the raw-white yarn to the finished textile. We ensure that the products are manufactured without any unnecessary chemicals.

We’ve stopped thinking of waste materials as a necessary evil and started thinking of them as a resource.

A stylish collision

Debut is a collision of raw and elegant, a mix of off-white and sombre tones. From a distance it can look like it’s one shade, but on closer inspection the fabric’s mottled qualities appear. Close up, you can see that there are actually several different colours which become something completely different together.

A smart process

Debut is made at our own factory in Kinna, Sweden, just like all of our fabrics. Waste materials from the Ramie production are sent back to our spinner on the same truck that just delivered yarn to us. Then it’s torn up and spun into new yarn before coming back to the factory to be woven into Debut. The whole process is circular and friction-free, which strengthens the fabric’s sustainability profile.

When weaving the upholstery fabric Rami, we gather the unbleached edge cuttings and send them to our spinner in Germany.

The spinner cuts the edges into smaller pieces before carding and spinning the fibres into a new yarn.

Back at Svenssons we use the yarn in our new product Debut. This yarn based on our waste material is 25 % of the total amount of material in our new quality.

As the raw fabric of Rami is unbleached the recycled yarn comes in natural white. Have a closer look into the different colourways and you will see the new unbleached yarn appear.

A sustainable upholstery fabric

Debut is manufactured from recycled ramie which is woven together with a wool mixture. Together, the materials create a dynamic structure where ramie takes the spotlight alongside the slightly more low-key wool blend. Despite containing recycled materials, the fabric has a durability of 70,000 Martindales.

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Together with the launch of Debut, design student Clara Larsson was commissioned to develop a creative and inspiring eye-catcher with responsibility and origin as keywords. Clara's display resulted in a sculpture named Connect. With the sculpture Clara wants to shed light on the connection between the old and the new. It should give the feeling of something new, like Svensson and the changing world.

Discover the Connect sculpture