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By predicting acoustics at an early stage in your project, you can make sure that these technical solutions integrate into your vision seamlessly. Which is exactly where our simulation tool comes into play. In our digital acoustics lab, we’ll give you the technical guidance you need to create a pleasant environment for eyes and ears.


Together with our sales representatives, you will design your room and configure existing conditions. From there, we can investigate different avenues and experiment with various different textiles. You’ll get data on how much our textiles improve the acoustic environment and you’ll even be able to hear the difference. Everything is then summarised in a report that you can present to colleagues and customers.

Fill in the form or contact your sales representative and you’ll be on your way in no time. 


Book an acoustic simulation 

Acoustic textiles

The benefits of acoustic textiles, tips on how to use them, and reasons why good sound conditions are important.

Construction and testing

For the textile to be sound-absorbent, it needs friction between the sound waves and the textile. How well we manage to do this is tested by Müller-BBM in Munich.