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Textiles for sensory rooms

In a world where everything is available around the clock, time never stops. Our digital reality forces new impressions on us at a frantic pace. It can be a privilege to stop it now and again. To take a step back and embrace your senses. Neither looking back, nor forward. Live in the moment and allow yourself space to think. This is exactly what we want our autumn collection to convey. We want to do it with timeless textiles, which reflect our Scandinavian DNA. With tactile surfaces which create new spaces. And with a colour palette ranging from the coldest winter white to burnt natural tones. The way we want to do this is with a sustainable upholstery fabric which paves the way to a bright future. A trio of beautiful curtains which encourages you to experiment with colours. And a solar control product which combines technological innovation with a muted design. This is the autumn news from Svensson.

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Debut - durable in a dual sense

Made of recycled material from our furniture fabric Rami. The result is a stylish clash between raw and elegant, between bone white and the muted tones. The materials team up to create a dynamic structure where the rami takes its place next to the slightly more low-key wool blend. From a distance, it appears to be one shade, but as you get closer, the marl in the fabric appears. Once you are close up several different colours appear, which merge to become something completely different.

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“Debut is an upholstery from recycled waste material, inspired by the nature we have around us.” – Designer Eva Larsson about Debut


Nova - a play on powdery pastels

A new approach to colours which encourages innovation and imagination. A plethora of powdery tones centred around a coral red accent. Combine several shades to find new combinations. Hang it in layers and let the beautiful fabrics unite to form new blocks of colour. Use it in open spaces to create new rooms. Add Siri and Felix or keep it simple with a solitary curtain. No matter how you work and which colour you choose, Nova will direct the light beautifully.

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Felix - filters the light through narrow stripes

With narrow stripes on a sheer fabric, Felix brings the room to life. A playful textile, coordinated to match both Nova and Siri. Like his sisters, Felix calls for combining colours and creating new spaces. Hang them together to allow the meeting of the fabrics to form colours which come to life when the light shines through. Felix becomes a curtain which screens off without confinement. If you choose to hang it with its stripes vertical, it will make the ceilings feel higher. The other way round, the space feels wider.

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Siri - ​sheer surfaces and wide blocks of colour​

The wide-striped Siri challenges you to define surfaces and create changing spaces with textiles. In its widest form, the sheer fabric is exposed while the irregular stripes flow out to their full width. When folded, the colour saturation increases as the stripes get smaller. When layering, new colour blocks appear and the stripes may be displayed lengthwise or transversely using the three-meter lengths. Introduce the single-coloured Nova to the narrow-striped Felix, both of which are designed to match Siri.

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“Siri’s oversized stripes and vivid colours light up any space, bringing a smile to your face.”
– Designer Pernilla McGillivray about Siri


Incendo - combines technology with aesthetics

Incendo combines technology with aesthetics to give the building a low-key sun shield. The crocheted structure filters the light without blocking the view. In this way, Incendo helps to create comfortable spaces even as the sun shines brightly. The shades range from icy white to graphite grey with a coral red accent in among the low-key tones.
Its three-metre lengths mean that Incendo can be adapted for almost any room.

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