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Designing sounds

This spring, there’s a focus on acoustic textiles that allow you to design a contoured soundscape of function, mood, and colour. We’ve innovated a richer sound palette of materials to create deeper hues of calm and silence, encouraging creative interactions and a sense of playfulness. The new textiles achieve best-in-class sound absorption and offer graceful, fluid drapes that provide endless opportunities for expression and functional design.


A blush. A moment of colour. Sometimes uninvited, sometimes carefully curated.

Blush is a high-performing A-class sound-absorbing fabric with an entirely new, intricate micropattern. It also brings a rush of warmth as two individually coloured threads cross and fuse. Amid its absorbing qualities, this fabric transcends mere functionality, becoming an artistic embrace that melds functionality with an aesthetic finesse. The result is an enveloping shawl of intimate moods and calming acoustics, inviting a harmony of comfort and style into any space.

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Glory, Prism & Saint

Three patterns inspired by sound waves create a soundscape of function, mood, and colour.

Glory, Saint and Prism are acoustic textiles which provide B-class sound certification. Each motif recalls a single frequency of interior sound. Saint is the slow, ponderous deep sound wave. Prism refracts fragments of conversation and Glory presents a higher frequency just like the dawn chorus. As if etched from the weave, light is allowed to penetrate halo like, through the yarn, creating each wave of sound. Discreet pattern allows the three motifs to be combined together. Each fabric achieves differing and complimentary effects when draped across a window or simply used to divide the space within an interior.

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Sometimes the morning light just makes a space zing. Day is all that, the hope and possibility encapsulated in a fabric.

Day catches hold of light only to accent and share it across space. A sparse construction and uneven weave gives Day life and movement, whilst possessing a beguiling quality reminiscent of linen. The textile has a timeless, classic quality and this extends to a choice of nuanced, calming colours which have been renewed for 2024. Peach and fresh turquoise create a contemporary fizz of light giving way to more measured earthy and oatmeal tones.

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Ombré 300 

Versatile elegance - a textile of contrasts.

Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail the outstanding design switches by shifting from light to dark. Contrasting from warm to cool, Ombré 300 allows colour to gracefully evolve gradually across the fabric. The new width of 3m can be railroaded to offer greater versatility and allow you to use its signature graduated pattern in more than one direction. Employing cutting-edge jacquard technology in its weaving, this curtain boasts a substantial weight, ensuring a graceful drape and a C-class sound rating.

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Hello RE

The same generous palette of 40 colours in a new sustainable format.

Hello RE upholstery fabric is now woven in 100% recycled flame retardant polyester. This means it is a sustainable, durable, forgiving fabric, washable at 60 degrees. Almost monochrome from a distance, the speckled colour combinations leap into life on approach. Hello RE is yarn-dyed, providing a beautiful interplay between warp and weft. The way in which the weave is perceived differs widely depending on the colours chosen. Strong contrasts bring out the tightly woven pattern; other combinations flow into each other, making the colours vibrate. Thanks to its straightforward expression, Hello RE is not only easy to combine, but easy to like.

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A deeper richer darkness, like the frost-filled night sky or forest moss deep below the canopy.

Like beautiful paper, or natural wood, the yarn comes through and creates texture and depth in our wool-based upholstery fabric Semi, which now has an extended colour scale. Embracing depth, we've introduced richer hues into the palette. Introducing shades of nearly black blue, deep green, and rich burgundy, these additions harmonise effortlessly across the range of Svensson textiles to create limitless combinations. These accent colors are crafted to elevate neutral tones and perfectly complement the existing colours within the Semi range.

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Spring 2024

From the intimate whispering weave of our new acoustic textile Blush, to Glory, Prism, and Saint with a trio of sound wave inspired fabric motifs that glow halo like emulating the way daylight penetrates an open weave. We introduce new proportions of scale to our beloved textile Ombre as a double width 3m wide fabric. Its signature graduated ombré effect can now be used in multiple ways enabling complete flexibility. Furthermore, our sheer fabric Day, reminiscent of linen, boasts a refreshed colour scale.

The flame-retardant upholstery fabric Hello becomes "Hi again" as we present Hello RE in 100% recycled polyester, maintaining the same large 40-colour range in a new sustainable format. Finally, our popular wool-based upholstery fabric Semi now offers an extended colour scale. Embracing depth, we've introduced richer hues into the palette, such as deep green and rich burgundy.

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NordShield - now also available for upholstery fabrics

NordShield BioLayr® is a textile treatment that creates a physical yet invisible barrier against bacteria. The technology works by forming an ultra-thin layer that hinders the accumulation of microbes on the surface of the fibers. Due to its molecular-level operation, it seamlessly integrates with the textile without altering its properties or appearance.


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Explore the interplay of light, its intensity and its impact on people. Filtered light, when used as captivating accents, creates ambiance that leaves lasting impressions. Allowing you to illuminate spaces with style and purpose.
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