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Svensson is increasing its presence in the Nordic market with the opening of two new Inspiration Rooms – one in Gothenburg and one in Stockholm. The initiative is a joint venture with Götessons, David Design and Englund-Gruppen Flooring. 




In the coming weeks, the Inspiration Rooms will open on Rosenlundsgatan in Stockholm and on Kyrkogatan in Gothenburg. In Stockholm, these are familiar quarters for Svensson, who previously had a showroom in the same building, while in Gothenburg it is a brand new endeavour.

“We have been looking for a place to showcase ourselves in Gothenburg for a long time and now all the pieces have fallen into place. The right location, the right partners and a concept that we strongly believe in,” says Mikael Strand, Sales Manager at Svensson.

Although there are not many miles from Gothenburg to Svensson's headquarters in Kinna, Mikael Strand hopes that architects and interior designers in Western Sweden will appreciate the proximity to the premises in central Gothenburg.

“The Inspiration Room will be a place of constant change. A more flexible place than a showroom with analogue inspiration spiced up with digital possibilities. We think that having four stakeholders who all work with innovation linked to interior design will be appreciated,” says Mikael Strand.

“This will be a space for experiencing textiles – and discussing opportunities,” he continues. In the Inspiration Rooms, architects will be able to get a feel for and experience Svensson's technical solutions, for example in relation to acoustics.

“I have a strong feeling that there will be a desire for physical meetings in order to really experience different materials in their true environment. It feels right to take this step right now, and we are ready to take it up a notch when the pandemic is over,” says Mikael Strand.

Contact details:

Anna Krantz, Marketing & Communications Manager Svensson, +46 738-152077
Mikael Strand, Sales manager Svensson, +46 737-470277



Welcome to our Inspiration rooms!

The Inspiration rooms open during week 18. In order for you as a customer to feel safe, visits are by appointment only during the current situation. ​

Inspiration room Gothenburg

Kyrkogatan 20-22 
411 15 Gothenburg

Inspiration room Stockholm

Rosenlundsgatan 38 F
118 53 Stockholm

New collaboration sparks inspiration

It is with great enthusiasm that Håkan Nilsson, CEO at David Design, looks forward to sharing rooms with Svensson, Götessons and Englund-Gruppen Flooring.