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Nova is one of our most popular curtains that has now been updated. The new colours, which harmonise in with the previous colours, shift from balanced soft neutrals to warm, deep ruby-red. The fabric's shimmering lustre and transparent lightness give the leno weave a soft metallic tone. With 3 m width and elegant drape, Nova thus offers incalculable opportunities for the room's decor and curtains. Nova's new colours are coordinated with striped Isis and foliage-patterned Belle.



Design by
Flame retardancy
Flame retardant according to:

- BS 5867: Part 2, Type B
- DIN 4102-1 class B1
- IMO FTP Code Part 7
- EN 13773 class 1
Color fastness
Against dry rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
4 (Scale 1-5)
Against light according to EN ISO 105-B02
5-7 (Scale 1-8)
Against washing according to EN ISO 105-B02:
5 (Scale 1-5)
Against wet rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
3 (Scale 1-5)
2 %
300 cm
110 g/m²
Trevira CS
100 %
Care instructions