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Rami Plus builds on the success of Rami. Combining the more matt wool and the silkier feel of ramie nettle fibre, offering the fabric an exclusivity, not unlike the cool experience of linen. In effect, an invisible wool woven from bast fibres. The different colours used in the warp and weft create a fabric with a beautiful effect. Ramie was once called poor man's silk and was used for its durability and beautiful lustre, for example in Napoleon's soldiers' uniforms. Mixing the matt wool yarn with the shimmering ramie fiber creates an exciting combination. The two different yarns result in an irregular surface full of slubs and tonal colour variation which read as natural characteristic irregularities. The yarns absorb colour dye differently, offering the fabric lustre, depth and life. Any irregularities are a natural characteristic of the fabric. Rami Plus is available in 30 colorways.



Design by
Abrasion resistance
Martindale (According to EN ISO 12947-2)
70000 rubs
Flame retardancy
Flame retardant according to:

- EN ISO 1021 part 1, 2

- BS 5852 Crib 5
- IMO FTP Code Part 8 (IMO Res.A.652 (16)
- UNI 9175, 1 IM
- TB 117
Color fastness
Against dry rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
4 (Scale 1-5)
Against light according to EN ISO 105-B02
5-7 (Scale 1-8)
Against wet rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
3-4 (Scale 1-5)
140 cm
600 g/m²
80 %
20 %
Care instructions