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Autumn news 2020

Textiles for sensory rooms

In a world where everything is available around the clock, time never stops. Our digital reality forces new impressions on us at a frantic pace. It can be a privilege to stop it now and again. To take a step back and embrace your senses. Neither looking back, nor forward. Live in the moment and allow yourself space to think. This is exactly what we want our autumn collection to convey. We want to do it with timeless textiles, which reflect our Scandinavian DNA. With tactile surfaces which create new spaces. And with a colour palette ranging from the coldest winter white to burnt natural tones. The way we want to do this is with a sustainable upholstery fabric which paves the way to a bright future. A trio of beautiful curtains which encourages you to experiment with colours. And a sun protector which combines technological innovation with a muted design. This is the autumn news from Svensson.