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Scandinavian expression, design and function into perfect harmony

Spring News 2019

- This collection really reflects our DNA, says Sandra Dovemark, Head of Design at Svensson. Making the most of the textiles’ Scandinavian expression and getting function to appear as a seamless part of the design is our trademark.

 Our new products include Calla, a beautiful acoustic curtain that reduces noise within its soft drapery. The dim-out curtain, Marble, minimises light penetration while its patterned surface creates subtle shifts in tone. Heritage is an awe-inspiring upholstery fabric concept based on 12 tasteful patterns that can be endlessly combined with each other and with other monochrome collections.

Our popular classic, Rami, has been updated with as many as 20 new colours and the generous colour range offers a total of 40 coordinated shades.