Product information

Marble is a robust dim-out fabric whose shifting patterns create a vibrant surface while beautifully minimising light penetration into the room. Marble’s three-metre width enables seamless hanging. Its colour range of thirteen subdued tones – from earth to mineral – is calm and pleasant. Marble makes a beautiful combination with sheerer fabrics and may be stylishly coordinated with, for example, Mint.

Colour type Standard
Width ≥ 295 cm
FR Polyester 100%
Weight 230
Shrinkage 2 %
Colour fastness
Against light according to:
- EN ISO 105-B02
5-7 (Scale 1-8)
Against washing according to:
- EN ISO 105-C06
4-5 (Scale1-5)
Flame retardancy
Flame retardant according to:
- BS 5867: Part 2, Type B
- DIN 4102-1 class B1
- EN 13773 klass 1

- MO FTP Code 2010: Part 7

Care instuctions

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