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Svensson product
in textile degree exhibition


Elin Stampe is a taking a bachelor in Textile at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, Sweden. For her final project she was sponsored by Svensson, and with the use of Econet 1535 she created her installation “Ögonblicksbilder”.

“I have always been interested in the body and its relation to the room where movement has a central role. In my final project, I wanted to find ways to utilize movements with the goal to create an installation being variable and urges interacting movements. A spatial dramaturgy for the ongoing space where a new choreography and new movement patterns emerge in the encounter with people.”

Using Econet 1535, Elin has improvised her work by creating pleats, all made by hand, one by one. Econet reminded Elin of the cornea in the eye which breaks and filter light. Econet being both filtering and shielding, but at the same time transparent enough to let the light through. The result was a choreographic and living installation where the sculptures own motions was mixed with the visitors’.

”The project takes off from the eye and the volatility of the glance” says Elin. ”I have been working with this project in an intuitive and searching way, for material and silhouettes. By studying the shape of the eye, the materiality and the structure, I attached the textile material and created the installation”.

Apart from Econet, Elin has been using metal and silicon for her installation, all referring to the different sections of the eye. The silicon representing the eye lashes, the textile and metal mobiles as a wink to the convex shape of the eye, and the sculpture standing on the floor as the pupil controlling the flux in the eye.

”Ögonblicksbilder” was shown at the spring exhibition at University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, May 11-21, 2017.