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Inspirational Designer's Corner
was a success


The 19th edition of Designer's Corner in Oslo, Norway was a success! About 200 architects visited the event, which gave them a brilliant opportunity to gain insight in to this year's interior design news.

Berg Studio, Canvas, Skøyen Design Center and Studio Thune were the four participating showrooms for the event taking place last week in Oslo, Norway.

At Studio Thune lovely and colorful fabrics from Svensson's new spring collection were presented. Upholstery from Svensson could be seen on furnitures from Offecct and design studio TreCe presented a fabulous new coat hanger shaped like a sail.

Canvas with Blå Station showed their attractive acoustics and lightning solution and unique furnitures upholstered in the Svensson fabric Step. At Berg Studio news from Horreds and Lammhults were presented together with gorgeous flooring from Bolon, cool office furnitures, and carpets in a variety of colors and patterns were presented.

Furnitures from Materia, Skandiform and NC could be seen with upholstery from Svensson and Almedahls at Skøyen Design Center.  The wall pads "Lean in" from Materia attracted many curious eyes. The pillows are attached to the wall which creates a comfortable leaning position against the wall while standing.

The event was a success and we would like to thank everyone who stopped by!