Published 1/14/2016

Unexpected combinations create a beautiful impression

The latest fabrics from Svensson are called Balance, Era, Aki, Kiri and Ombré. In the new fabrics for furniture and curtains, Svensson creates exciting matches in colour and fabric. Moreover, new beautiful colour scales have now been added to the two classics, Topic and Karat.


“When we design, we form a whole. We want our collection to move forward, but we also strive for continuation over time”, says Dorte Bo Bojesen, Design Manager at Svensson. The spring launch of our collection contains a range of exciting fabrics, each with its own unique, expression, well suited to fit into our overall palette.

Balance and Era by Eva Larsson

Green contrasted with yellow and orange. Blue contrasted with beige and green. Fabric woven of yarn in three colors creates a surprising effect in Era.

Yarn of wool and rami gives the upholstery for Balance a beautiful mélange. The fabric gives a fresh and elegant impression.

Kiri by Aoi Yoshizawa

Mysticism encounters poetry in the curtain material Kiri. The pattern is inspired by a lake shrouded in mist.

Aki by Aoi Yoshizawa

Expressive shades and subdued coloring gives the curtain material Aki a feeling of exclusivity. This living pattern fits into most places. The curtain material Ombré possesses both weight and character.

The pattern creates contrasts between light and dark.

Ombré by Inger Högberg

Topic and Topic Soft

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