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Be On

Be On is a bold design concept of durable furniture fabrics with timeless stripes, nostalgically coloured in classic denim fashion shades. A diagonal furniture fabric which lends a comfortably soothing element to public spaces, auditoriums or lounges. Its slightly coarser texture adds depth and life to the fabric whilst creating an exclusive, handmade feel which is easy to upholster and work with. The laid-back colour range features eight different tones, from black-blue shades to off-white and a pleasant light-blue denim which easily combine to create bold effects where one diagonal line meets another.

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”Each fabric is deliberately created to be touchable, but not overwhelming. The feeling should be comforting but energetic.” – Eva Larsson about Be On, Urban and Revolt



Revolt is a bold and solid furniture fabric with a lot to offer in terms of its weight, texture and surface. The fabric adds warmth and a comforting feeling, especially in waiting areas such as a hotel lobby. The generous colour range includes 30 exciting shades from wheat and coral red to natural beige, warm shades as well as brightly coloured pastels. The shifting colours create an irregular surface full of natural texture, creating depth and life in the changing light. This fabric coordinates fully with Urban's glossy, waxed surface to create impressive contrasts and an exciting mix of textures.

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Urban is an avant-garde furniture fabric with a glossy, pressed and naturally waxed surface whose tactile properties bring back memories of traditional waxed jackets. The fabric softens public environments and is easy to care for. Urban is a fully washable material that is easy to simply brush off dirt and dust without it sticking. The fabric's unique glossy look is offered in 20 bold but pleasant colours, ranging from sand and corn to greyish black lava. Urban coordinates well with Revolt for new, exciting clashes and contrasts with Svensson's classic Scandinavian look. 

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Salt is a stylish, woven base curtain with a vibrant surface, matte but with a subtle shimmer like salt-stained cliffs reflecting in the sunlight. The curtain creates an unrefined and honest feel in the space with a classic Scandinavian look and style. The colour scheme matches the style of the curtain and features 30 muted, natural and harmonious grey tones with elements of aubergine and orange to accentuate the soft style of the textile. This is a solid and unpretentious yet flexible curtain that blends within any environment allowing enough light to filter through to illuminate the interior. Salt features a timeless texture with a beautiful heavy drape, where the discreet lustre and tactile material of the fabric evoke memories of old-time linen textiles.

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”I wanted to capture a glimpse of something subtly beautiful, a lustre that evokes the senses without feeling overwhelming. A tranquil and beautiful reminder of our origins.”
– Pernilla McGillivray about Salt



Sense is a woven sound curtain of Class A, featuring powdery colours with elements of earth tones. The material has an elegant, smooth and subtle lustre which provides a perfect match in environments with challenging acoustics. This curtain is intended to create a sense of calm and harmony in open-plan offices and rooms with large glass windows or high ceilings. In addition to its top-notch sound absorption, the surface stitching create both shadowy patterns as well as a tactile feeling that tickles the senses. The flexible material is available in 15 earthy shades with a generous width of three metres for endless hanging options and a fine, sophisticated drape with a lot of weight to it.

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”I have focused on the subtle details, something sophisticatedly unpretentious which leaves a lasting overall impression.” – Inger Högberg about Sense