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Scandinavian design, beautiful natural materials and a hand loomed appearance combine to create Ally upholsteries. Made using Norwegian sheep’s wool, the focus here is on the simplicity of the material itself. The rich colour pallette is dominated by natural tones that have been chosen carefully in order to bring out the naturally varying shades of the wool. The fabric is yarn dyed, allowing the colours to play off one another to create a cosy patchwork scene. The weave pattern creates a fractured diagonal effect, while the robustness of the material gives the textile a personality that’s hard not to like. Ally stands for the beauty in the simple, the unostentatious and the colourful. The wool is allowed to simply be and to express itself. Let loose to create tasteful colourscapes and a feeling of quiet exclusivity.



Abrasion resistance
Martindale (According to EN ISO 12947-2)
100000 rubs
Flame retardancy
Flame retardant according to:
- EN ISO 1021 part 1, 2
- IMO FTP Code Part 8
- UNI 9175, 1IM
Color fastness
Against dry rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
≥4 (Scale 1-5)
Against light according to EN ISO 105-B02
≥5-7 (Scale 1-8)
Against wet rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
≥3-4 (Scale 1-5)
140 cm
320 g/m²
85 %
15 %
Care instructions