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Tune was created with the ambition of combining timeless aesthetics with the best quality acoustic properties. As an A-rated sound absorbing curtain, Tune helps people switch off, adjust the noise level and achieve focus. Tune is robust and trustworthy, with depth in both its drape and its colour scale. With its clear ribbed pattern, the matte surface feels tactile and structured. At the same time, it provides a certain shadowy effect. Both sides of Tune look identical, making it the perfect choice for creating new spaces within a space. Its solid impact is nice to balance up with the help of sheer textiles.



Horizontal Stripe
Horizontal Stripe
Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room: EN ISO 354:2003. Ration of sound absorption EN ISO 11654:1997: αw = 0,90
Class A.
Flame retardancy
Flame retardant according to:
- BS 5867-2 Type B
- DIN 4102-1 B1 
- IMO FTP Code 2010: Part 7
- NF P 92-503-507, M1 
- EN 13773, Class 1
- EN 13501-1, Class B-s1, d0
- NFPA 701
- UNI 8456/8457
Color fastness
Against light according to EN ISO 105-B02
≥ 5-7 (Scale 1-8)
Against washing according to EN ISO 105-C06
≥ 5 (Scale 1-5)
2 %
300 cm
360 g/m²
Trevira CS
100 %
Care instructions