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TAF – the design studio behind Svensson's new showroom and exhibition stand


This winter, Svensson is set to open its new showroom in Götgatan, Stockholm and exhibit at the prestigious Stockholm Furniture Fair in February. Reflecting our long history and forceful innovative drive, Designstudio TAF has been commissioned to develop a design concept for both our showroom and exhibition spaces.

Owning one's own factory and holding the ultimate responsibility as employer, producer and supplier means high demands drive up costs allowing control throughout the entire production process – from undyed yarn to finished textile. Some of our employees have been working with us in the factory for over 40 years. This means we have access to invaluable craftmanship and knowledge, a wealth of experience and resources that are also passed on from one generation to the next.

– People visiting us in Kinna to experience textile production live are often struck with a genuine a-ha feeling. And that experience of human knowledge, craftsmanship and quality is something we want to share with more and more people. “We are convinced that TAF have exactly what it takes to translate our DNA into a design concept for both the showroom and the exhibition stand for the furniture fair,” says Anna Krantz, marketing manager at Svensson.



“It feels both big and important to succeed in bringing the Svensson we visited and experienced in Kinna to more places and people. This is pretty much unique: a Swedish textile producer founded in 1887 that is still manufacturing in Sweden and innovative enough to develop products such as climate textiles for greenhouse cultivation. It really couldn't be more timely,” Mattias Ståhlbom and Gabriella Lenke, founders of TAF.

Svensson is already represented in Oslo, Helsinki, London and Gothenburg. The investment in Stockholm creates opportunities for even more people to immerse themselves in the Svensson textile collections.


Götgatan 9

116 46 Stockholm | Sweden
February 5-11 2024

In connection with Stockholm Design Week 2024, you are welcome to book in with us for breakfast or lunch at our showroom – experience our new premises and be among the first to view this spring’s textile releases. We will be hosting an after-work open house from Tuesday to Friday between 4pm-6pm. Make your booking through your sales contact.

Stockholm Furniture Fair

Älvsjömässan | C12:19
February 6-10 2024

Visit our new exhibition stand at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Scandinavia's leading arena for furniture and lighting design, as well as architecture. The fair is held annually in Stockholm and attracts designers, architects, interior designers, buyers and enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Do you need help or inspiration?

- Or maybe you’d like to visit our new showroom?

Book a visit with one of our salespeople via the link below. They’ll be happy to help you with ideas and advice to make the most of textiles in your project.