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Testing and Certifying for Quality and Sustainability

Svensson’s own in-house lab has the capacity to test both existing and newly developed textiles, focusing on quality control, environmental certifications and related quality issues.


The laboratory is working closely with product development to test and evaluate new textiles before they are released to the market. Thorough testing is conducted on all material to ensure that it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also safe, durable, and sustainable.This way, the customer can trust that they will receive solutions that meet their expectations and requirements.

Svensson’s  facilities are equipped to conduct almost any material and colour fastness tests in-house, allowing for quick results. The lab is in close proximity to the head office, product development and manufacturing, making it possible to shorten lead times during the development of new textiles.

Testing the durability of upholstery fabrics is among the most important evaluations conducted. With the help  of a Martindale machine, it is possible to simulate and compare wear and tear between different textiles , measuring the number of cycles it takes to wear the fabric down. This test is critical in ensuring that the fabrics can withstand everyday use and remain in top condition for as long as possible. 

For hanging textile, a colourfastness test against light exposure is conducted, simulating the bleaching effect of sunlight. This test ensures that curtain fabrics from Svensson maintain their colour even after exposure to sunlight.

All fabrics are then sent to certified labs for fire testing in order to meet safety standards. Svensson are committed to environmental sustainability and working with certifications such as Oeko-Tex and EU Ecolabel are just some examples on how the company ensures that their textiles meet the highest environmental standards.

How we quality assure our products

As a world leader in climate screen and experts on sustainable interior textiles for public spaces, quality assurance is one of the main reason why we are now established in 130 markets worldwide. Our in-house lab continuously works to quality test our products. 

Testing the colourfastness of materials

One of the most important tests for a curtain is colourfastness in sunlight, that is, how it is faded by the sun. 

Fire safety testing

Our textiles are always tested for the most common fire certificates on the market. Having fire safety testing carried out on all of our products by a certified lab is an element which is crucial to us and the safety of our customers.