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This year we are using Christmas
to create a more sustainable world


A different kind of year has given new perspectives. What happens in the world affects us here in Sweden, and how we act in Sweden affects the rest of the world. This year we are using Christmas to create a more sustainable world. This Christmas, we make sure that WaterAid can reach more people with the most important and basic thing of all - clean water and the opportunity for good hygiene.


Sustainability by Svensson

By setting strict requirements on raw materials and by owning the entire manufacturing process, we control the entire production chain from the yarn used to the finished product. That means we know how the finished textile was produced, what it contains and what characteristics it has.

Debut - a sustainable upholstery fabric

Waste materials from the Ramie production are sent back to our spinner on the same truck that just delivered yarn to us. Then it’s torn up and spun into new yarn before coming back to the factory to be woven into Debut. 

RE indicates textiles with recycled materials

Rethink, react, reuse, reduce. Those words are the source behind RE – our sustainability label for textiles made from recycled materials.

Loop Factory

The Loop Factory offers a platform for successful sustainable innovations, from idea to commercialization. They are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future, where professional skills, lab and networks are utilized to make a change.