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This is our story

Svensson is a brand with a past as well as a future. Anchored in heritage, with a constant curiosity and drive to develop further.

Deeply rooted in Sjuhäradsbygden, and with a history that stretches back more than 130 years, Svensson still manufactures its textiles right where it all began. In the same red brick factory, where Ludvig Svensson himself once assembled his first loom. Guided by the family whom, in its fourth generation, is still driven by the same curiosity and unwavering belief that there is always something new to learn.

Ludvig Svensson's curiosity, ingenuity and creativity still make up the lifeblood of the business. It is what takes us forward, to tackle our next challenge. Towards a future where Svensson’s textiles create a better environment for humans and plants alike. This is our story.