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Additional fabrics awarded
with EU Ecolabel certificate


In 2017, Svensson celebrated 130 years as a textile producer. Thinking and acting long term is in our genes. Now it´s even easier to choose environmentally safe textile solutions from Svensson with an additional 23 textiles added to our collection of EU Ecolabel branded textiles.

Hanging fabric Mint, one of the fabrics awarded with the Eco Label certification.

Svensson was involved in the initiation of the TEKO industry's environmental and energy group in the 1970s, and we were early in phasing out hazardous chemicals. We are constantly working to reduce our energy and water consumption and get more out of our production processes. We have also worked successfully with emissions issues and textile production games. The work is an ongoing process, and today the interest may be greater than ever before. The chemicals we currently use comply with REACH, Ökotex and EU Ecolabel requirements. We work proactively to reduce the number and amount of chemicals we use and reuse as much as possible.

Long-term relationships and close co-operation with our suppliers, means we make sure that both we and them meet requirements and laws, while striving for sustainability at all stages. When we design, develop and manufacture our textiles, the ambition is that life expectancy should be long.
The fact that our fabrics are developed and manufactured in our own factory in Kinna also means that we have full control over the entire process - from yarn to finished textile. The textiles have high quality, function and aesthetics. Svensson's environmental and safety policy is to develop long-term better and sustainable textile solutions that have a positive impact on our own and our customers' consumption of energy and water. Our processes are driven by the principle: more output with less input under safe conditions.

We are proud that a further 13 curtain weight and 10 upholstery weight textiles within our collections have been approved for the EU Common Ecolabel, which is a Type 1 Ecolabel, and examines products from a lifecycle perspective - from raw materials to waste with strict environmental, functional and quality requirements.