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Svensson welcomes new salesman in Norway

The recruitment of a new representative for the Norwegian market is now complete and we are pleased to welcome Kristian Lysebråte to us at Svensson.

Kristian has more than 12 years of experience in operational sales, contracts and project management against the Norwegian contract market. Kristian has previously worked at Möbelmäklarna, EFG and Lindbak.

"I'm proud of the position as the new sales representative for Svensson in Norway," says Kristian. "Svensson has a strong brand with healthy values as a foundation and a focus on quality. I look forward to taking on new challenges in an exciting and positive market."

"We welcome Kristian to us at Svensson. With his personality and experience, as well as a wide network of contacts to our target groups, he will strengthen the opportunities for us to grow further on the Norwegian market," says Henrik Eriksson, Nordic Sales Manager Interior Textile. "At the same time, we would like to thank our former representative in Norway, Rikke Bakken, who has chosen to move on, for her efforts and wishes Rikke all the best in the future."

Kristian starts in mid-January and we welcome him to Svensson.

Kristian Lysebråte
+47 997 98 909