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Grain – paired down
elegance for any room

Grain is a basic curtain with a sophisticated feel. With a generous width and colour scheme it creates endless possibilities.

The understated and simple curtain weight Grain is a very welcome addition to Svensson’s collection. It provides a beautiful base and is easy to use with other fabrics.  


Surfaces that vibrate

The curtain is made up of three contrasting colours that together form a vibrating surface, but still give the impression of a single colour. “By using different qualities of yarn the curtain has a natural graininess, a sense of dry elegance,” says the designer Inger Högberg.


Can be hung endlessly

The elegant quality provides a beautiful fall. With a width of 300 centimetres the fabric can be hung endlessly. Together with the rich colour scale it offers plenty of possibilities for exciting combinations.


Many colours in subtle hues

Grain is available in 33 colours and just like the fabric itself the colour scheme is subtle and sophisticated. It is based on multiple bright natural colours such as white, beige and gray and extends all the way through to strong accent colours.



Design with a graphic expression

Both curtains are the result of a collaboration between Studio Kelkka in Finland and Svensson in Kinna. The patterns were created by Kirsi Sundell, while the colour scheme and quality was designed by Inger Högberg, designer at Svensson. “Elementa and Kontur add an exciting pattern accent to our collection. The double-sided pattern is both soft and dynamic,” says Inger Högberg.

Inger Högberg

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