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New business area manager joins Svensson


Annika Svedberg has been appointed new business area manager for interior textiles at Svensson. She previously worked for Colorama, and was the CEO of eight Colorama stores in Varberg and Gothenburg for the past four years.

Annika has a wealth of experience within the textile industry and started her career in 1984. During the years 1999-2002 Annika worked at Svensson as marketing and sales manager. Annika has extensive experience in interior design, sales and business development.

"I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity and trust to take on the role as business area manager for interior textiles in such a strong and well-established brand as Svensson. I look forward to working together with everyone, to develop the brand with new products and concepts in all markets."

We give Annika a warm welcome to Svensson.

Annika Svedberg +46 70 603 53 88