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Up-and-coming designer hand-picked
for the Habitare Talentshop


As one of four young talented designers, Aoi Yoshizawa has been selected to exhibit her textile designs at the Habitare Talentshop in September in Helsinki. Svensson is proud of collaborating with Aoi for several years, and beautiful Svensson fabrics such as Aki, Kiri, Vy, Sawa and Sumire carry her name.

Habitare is the largest furniture, interior decoration and design fair in Finland. An important part of the show is the Talentshop - an area presenting up and coming emerging designers. These young talented designers are individually hand-picked and one of the designers selected for the exhibition in September 2017 is Aoi Yoshizawa - a promising Japanese born designer.

Each designer selected for Talentshop will have their own stand to showcase their work more widely.

"Aoi Yoshizawa is a Helsinki-based, Japanese-born designer specialised in material, color and surface design. Yoshizawa creates surface designs and patterns for fashion and interior design. She has an appreciation of various manufacturing techniques and skills, and is constantly seeking new ways in which to use these disciplines within her work. Her distinctive designs merge abstract forms and colors with moods, experiences and memories."

Svensson wishes Aoi success at the event and all the best for the future!