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Ombré – elegant design with character

From light to dark and warm to cool. With Ombré the designer Inger Högberg created a beautiful curtain for Svensson’s collection, with both elegance and character.

'Architecture, façades and other large surfaces have all inspired me. That’s the feeling of Ombré. Depending on how the curtain is hung, different patterns and dynamic surfaces are created. Almost like a painting', says the designer Inger Högberg.

The ombré look has been achieved using an advanced jacquard technique which allows the color to grade gradually over the total width of the fabric. Traditionally a jacquard loom weaves patterned fabrics with flowers and ornamentals. Ombré takes the jacquard technique and esthetic to the next level with its modern, abstract surface.

With its weight and beautiful draping, Ombré works in most environments. Ombré is a curtain weight with unlimited possibilities. Hanging the fabric in different directions offers a variety of hues and fusions of light and dark.

Design in a varied range of colours

Ombré is available in six elegant color combinations, ranging from light beige to the darkest blue. The fabric is woven with flame retardant and easy to care for Trevira CS yarn, with a satin structure in both warp and weft.

Designer  Inger Högberg

Designer Inger Högberg