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Kiri - with a sense of poetry and mystery

As its own work of art. The new curtain Kiri got its name from the Japanese word for ‘fog’. And just like nature, the fabric’s expression changes with the light.

The designer Aoi Yoshizawa got the inspiration for Kiri in a rowboat in Finland on a summer evening.

‘The fog that moved over the lake inspired both a mysterious and poetic feeling. I then converted it into a pattern,’ she says.

From light to dark

Kiri was made with large brush strokes where the pattern fades from light to dark over the width of the fabric, adding both drama and dynamism.

Light creates beautiful effects

Kiri is printed on Mint, a transparent fabric in Svensson’s existing collection, which opens up beautiful effects when the light changes outside the window and in the room.

Kiri is available in ten shades. The range of colours is a cascade of delicious shades ranging from subdued and mysterious to the brightest of hues. All made to work with the solid colour curtain fabrics in the huge Mint collection.

Designer  Aoi Yoshizawa

Designer Aoi Yoshizawa