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Tone is a beautiful, yarn-dyed textile with a delicate structure in Svensson's base segment. 39 colours in a soft scale, created with 20 different basic colours matched with either a light or a dark grey melange. This means that each colour is available in two different shades in a wide and homogenous colour range that mainly contains soft and quiet colours, but with some more vibrant colours that pop. Like many of Svensson's textiles, Tone is yarn-dyed creating a fantastic depth and interest within the fabric.

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”The colour scale is impressive, with various tones in different intensities, all easy to combine and suitable for creating contrasts.” – Johanna de Ru about Tone



The upholstery fabric Rock has been woven with minerals and a piece of rusty iron as inspiration. This provides a single-coloured fabric which, when examined closely, is full of effects and exceptional depth. A fabric to get lost in and discover new qualities from for many years.
Rock may be described as single-coloured, but still something happens when you look at the fabric. An effect that makes it easy to match with other furnishings. To make it extra simple, or difficult depending on who you ask, Rock is available in as many as 30 colours.

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Fields is a versatile curtain with various ‘looks’ depending on how it is arranged. Fully extended, one can almost imagine the pattern's misty fields in the morning light. If tightly folded, the fabric reads differently, in a more compact manner, with both colour and print prominent. Light, three meters wide with a construction that allows the print to penetrate the fabric, making the pattern visible from both sides. Great to hang in the middle of the room to create separate spaces.

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”With a lot of fabric gathered tightly together, the colours emerge and the shapes appear connected. With the fabric stretched out and hanging loosely, the shapes let go of one another and appear to be weightless, as if floating in the morning mist.” 
– Pernilla McGillivray about Fields



Twin is a monochrome dimout with minimal light transmission and a really good sound transmission class. A densely woven curtain with an impressive drop and a beautiful drape that works just as well in front of the window or to create extra spaces within the room.

The dimout effect and sound absorption are just a few of the features of Twin. The curtain is woven with three meters width so that it can be hung infinitely without seams. In addition, the stitch-like pattern has different effects depending on whether you choose to hang Twin vertically or horizontally.

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” By making some small changes to the material, Twin now comes with an improved quality with a high sound absorption.” – Inger Högberg about Twin