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PATCH Discontinued

Patch is a woven curtain with a timeless design, created in 2002 by designer Michelle Hall. Patch’s clear, graphic pattern creates an exciting visual dynamic due to its various structures and surfaces. The new colour spectrum, designed by Inger Högberg, means that Patch has brighter, lighter colours that reflect the current colour trends and can easily be combined with Svensson’s existing curtain and upholstery fabric collections. For many years, Patch has been appreciated in public places such as schools and medical clinics. With its new colour spectrum, it has the advantage that it is now easy to scheme with and create dynamism in everything from hotels and cruise ships to office environments and larger conference centres. Patch is woven from, flame-retardant Trevira CS. With its double-sided pattern, Patch is excellent as a room divider in large areas or as a shot of pattern in a window or even hung against glass walls to make a statement. Patch is available in seven hues, which can be easily matched with other fabrics to create a lively feel in a beautiful, creative room.



Measurement of sound absorption in a reverberation room: EN ISO 354:2003. Ration of sound absorption  EN ISO 11654:1997: αw  = 0,75
Class C
Flame retardancy
Flame retardant according to:
- BS 5867: Part 2, Type B
- DIN 4102, B1
- IMO FTP Code Part 7
- EN 13501-1, B-s1, d0
- EN 13773, Class 1
- NF P 92-503-507, M1
- NFPA 701
- UNI 8456/8457
Color fastness
Against dry rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
4 (Scale 1-5)
Against light according to EN ISO 105-B02
5-7 (Scale 1-8)
Against washing according to EN ISO 105-C06
5 (Scale 1-5)
Against wet rubbing according to EN ISO 105-X12:
3 (Scale 1-5)
Repeat (±2%)
171 cm
2 %
150 cm
200 g/m²
Trevira CS
100 %
Care instructions