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In Kwintsheul the brothers Eugène and Tino van Ruijven run the pepper farm bearing their name. Approximately 2.8 million orange peppers are produced each year at three locations. The history of the company is relatively young. In 1997 the company started growing peppers in a rented garden. Over a period of 15 years, the company has grown to the current pepper farm of 9.5 ha.

"During the start of cultivation last December, peppers grew better in one greenhouse compared to another," Eugène says at the start of our conversation. In both greenhouses at the nursery there are plants of the same variety with the same planting date. Characteristic growth differences: a thinner stem, smaller leaves and the absence of the "pepper smell" in the greenhouse. Of course, all this kept the grower very occupied this winter. A lot of research was done to find the cause. One of the differences was the energy cloth. In one greenhouse there is a LUXOUS 1243 D with a high light transmission. In the other greenhouse, there is a three year old energy screen of the type PH Super. A light measurement showed that the light transmission of PH Super was approximately 20% lower than the specification of 85%.

More light and more screen hours

In the cold months of December and January a lot of screening is done: 168 hours per month is no exception. If an energy screen then allows considerably less light through, this has a negative influence on the cultivation! Ultimately, it was decided to replace the just 3 year old cloth. In its place, the highly transparent LUXOUS 1347 FR energy screen was installed. Now, more than two months later, Eugène is very satisfied with this decision: "In the morning I see the sun rise through the cloth, something I had never seen before with my old cloth. I also see the pepper leaves now shining in the sunlight that shines through the cloth". With the LUXOUS 1347 FR the screen strategy has also been adjusted, the canvas stays closed a bit longer in the morning. "A lower return temperature than before shows that I also save more energy." This is also evident when the sun comes through, as more radiant heat then reaches the greenhouse. In autumn, Van Ruijven also expects to be able to make a lot more screen hours thanks to the excellent moisture permeability of the LUXOUS 1347 FR. Van Ruijven explains: "If I take a stroll through the garden in the evening, I can now see the stars through the canvas." That is unique!



T&E van Ruijven

Crops:  Peppers
Location: 3 locations in Kwintsheul en Honselersdijk, Netherlands
Greenhouse: Venlo, 9.5 ha
What climate is needed:
Higher light transmission and more energy saving
How could Svensson help? Luxous 1347 FR

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