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Enhanced customer experience due to Deco Harmony

The use of Deco Harmony has improved the retail experience at Intratuin Zoetermeer. This new generation of climate screens for garden centers is not only reflective but, due to the use of fresh colors, also enhances the atmosphere. Encouraging the consumer to buy another plant or extra flower and come back for another visit.

Dave van Luijken, the Store Manager at Intratuin Zoetermeer and Holland Scherming's Sales Manager Peter Rense, look back with great pleasure on the collaboration and their initial experiences with Deco Harmony. ‘The old screen had to be replaced’, explains Van Luijken. ‘We’d seen samples of Deco Harmony and we liked them. It’s a sturdy climate screen and it looks fresh and modern. Because of its wide lines, it exudes calm.’

Comfortable shopping climate 

Of decisive importance to Intratuin Zoetermeer when it came to selecting Deco Harmony were its reflective properties. "During the summer it keeps out a lot of heat and bright sunlight", continues Dave van Luijken.

"A significant advantage, as it ensures that the quality of the plants are preserved longer. During the winter the heat stays in the greenhouse, ensuring that the temperature is pleasant."

This type of climate screen has been being used in greenhouse growing, in a white version, for years now, thanks to its high-quality light diffusion and energy-saving properties. The terracotta-colored strips in the screen create a warm atmosphere in Intratuin’s garden center. Dave van Luijken: "Thus enabling our customers to enjoy shopping in comfort".


Saving energy

The new Deco Harmony climate screen has been installed in Zoetermeer since the summer of 2017 and was installed by Maasdijk-based Holland Scherming. Van Luijken can see an improvement in the shop environment within the garden center.

"Hopefully the customers will spend more. Over the next few months, I’ll be using the decorative setting on overcast or dark days."

The opening and shutting are automated, but Van Luijken often operates it manually. For instance, when the sun is out he will open the screen a bit more in the lukewarm greenhouse with annual plants and pottery, to enhance the customer experience.

"What’s more, we’re definitely expecting to save some extra energy this winter too. In short, we’re happy that the garden center has been freshened up with the Deco Harmony. It makes a big difference."

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