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Garden Center provides enhanced customer experience with Deco Harmony

Intratuin in Holland is one of the first garden centers with a Deco Harmony screen. Combining the function of traditional climate screens for greenhouses with an attractive design, Deco Harmony enables garden centers to take the customer experience to the next level. We met this early adopter together with the installer, to find out about their experiences of this newly launched screen.

"The CO2 levels measured in the comparable houses were 300 vs. 412 ppm, with a noticeably higher CO2 level in the house with Econet" "It is worth mentioning that you feel more ventilation in the greenhouse with Econet 4045 screens and because of that, it’s less muggy, which is beneficial for the crop. Due to the climate of the region, I have to open the windows at 100% most of the cycle to maximize the renewal of air inside the greenhouses.” Jessica added. Whitefly Protection Hortalizas La Gracia is located in a sugarcane growing region, and when this sugarcane is burned, the whitefly (Bemisia T.) presence intensifies. “In the greenhouse with Econet 4045, the presence of the pest was only temporary; while in the greenhouse with conventional insect screen the pest remained throughout the full crop cycle, causing severe damage to the tomatoes.” Recently the incidence of virosis has steadily been on the rise and because of these virus outbreaks field producer, such as sugarcane growers have been forced to be more aggressive with their chemical use to combat pests such as whiteflies. This is turn causes these predatory pests to build up greater resistances to agrochemicals permitted for use in greenhouse production, meaning that greenhouse operations have to look to new methods of prevention.

“We needed to replace the old screen in our garden center," tells Dave Van Luijken, manager at Intratuin – a garden center located in Zoetemeer in the Netherlands. “We saw samples of Svensson’s new Deco Harmony screen range and really liked them. It is a firm, high-quality screen cloth with a fresh and modern look. The wide lines look stylish and provide a calm ambiance.” However, it was the functionality and climate properties of the new Deco Harmony that was the determining factor for Dave and Intratuin.

"In summer, it’s helping to cool down the temperatures and diffuse the bright light into a smooth, even light,” tells Dave. “This does not only positively affect our customers, but is also a great advantage for the plants that can remain healthy for longer. In the winter time, the Deco screen will help to keep the heat inside, providing a pleasant temperature while saving us money. And the terracotta color makes the garden center look good. It provides our customers with a comfortable and cozy shopping experience.”

Textile vs polyester

Just like with their previous screen, Intratuin worked together with Holland Scherming to install the Deco Harmony. “They always give personal, tailored advice, which we really appreciate,” explains Dave. “They have been a reliable partner to us for years.”

“The installation of this screen was as usual, but the use of a polyester-based screen in a garden center was new for us,” says Peter Rense, Sales Manager at Holland Scherming. “Over the years, dust and condensation on the garden center roof often cause stains on a regular textile screen, but I expect this to be less prevalent with the Deco Harmony.”

White polyester screens have been used in horticulture for years, due to the screens shading and energy-saving properties. To add a nice visual design and appearance, like in this case with the Terracotta colored stripes on the Deco Harmony screen, provides the garden center with a warm atmosphere. “Customers can enjoy their stay and see products displayed in an agreeable light, hopefully making them stay longer and spend more.” Svensson’s Deco Harmony screen range is available in four different colors – Terracotta, Lavender, Yellow and Gray. 

Energy savings

“I don’t know yet if our profit will increase," laughs Dave. “The Deco Harmony has been in place for one summer, so it’s too early to tell. I will use the decorative screen on grey or dark days the coming months.” Opening and closing of the screen is automated, but Dave often makes manual adjustments. He opens the screen a bit further in the warm greenhouse with annuals and pottery to increase the customer experience.

"We expect to save some energy in winter thanks to the new screen. We are happy with the makeover of our garden center with the new Deco Harmony, it makes a great difference."

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