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Ton Habraken an Eriv Vereijken inside the greenhouse

How climate screens can guide tomatoes through summer

Vereijken Nurseries is the first Dutch company in exposed tomato cultivation where the Harmony 1315 O FR has been installed. During the summer, preventing radiation, better crop control, and provide higher production are only a few of the advantages.

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Hello Mexico! Debut of New Warehouse Production Facility in Mexico

Svensson announces the opening of Ludvig Svensson SA de CV, our newly established production facility in Mexico, which officially began operations in March 2020, becoming Svensson's sixth office worldwide.

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Keep better track of humidity and energy balance with Connected Screening 2.0

Connected Screening connects the advanced Hoogdendoorn iSii software with a wide range of Svensson screens to allow full control of humidity transfer, light transmission and energy savings in your greenhouse.

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