Tableau — a touch of Chanel

Drawing inspiration from style icon Jacqueline Kennedy and fashion legend Coco Chanel, designer Eva Larsson has developed a new and contemporary upholstery fabric called Tableau.

The product is made from wool and references the prim ladies of the 60s. It's a fashionable design dressed in a contemporary form. "I often look to the fashion industry when I do my work. Upholstery fabrics actually have a lot in common with the textiles used in coats and blazers. Plus the goal is the same: to design a fabric that drapes beautifully around a shape."

Innovative colouring

Tableau is available in 20 soft colours. The exciting colour palette runs the gamut from tangy yellow to rich ochre. "Each individual colour scheme contains a unique mix of shades, which gives each colour a personality of its own. I recommend looking at the fabric up close; it's exciting how many different shades you can make out!"

Natural materials

The base yarn in Tableau is spun from exclusive New Zealand wool. "In addition to being outstandingly beautiful, the material is also naturally durable, dirt-proof and flame-retardant. Also, it ages with impressive grace!"

Wide applicability

"I can see the fabric being used in virtually any type of public environment. It's the perfect upholstery fabric for different types of seating arrangements. Tableau pairs well with everything from large sofas to smaller chairs and stools. I'd recommend using it with Semi, that would look wonderful. Alternatively, you could use it with one of Svensson's other base fabrics made from wool such as for example Brink, Moss, Serie or Duo."

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