Sintra — visual comfort and first class aesthetics

Sintra was born in the overlap between function and aesthetics; a sun protection textile that lends a contemporary feel to any room while offering world class visual comfort.

Textile feel

"We wanted to develop something that would both reflect Svensson's aesthetic profile and have a low openness factor." These words come from Cathrine Ahlenius, the designer behind the sun protection textile Sintra. In close collaboration with Svensson's crochet technicians, she designed a modern sun protection textile that blends mixed and plain coloured yarns to produce a lively, textile-like expression.

Visual comfort

Sintra is available in a rich colour scheme spanning 18 colours, from natural to bright shades. Sintra is a decorative textile that has the added benefit of offering a low openness factor, which contributes to the high visual comfort experienced by the user. Sintra should primarily be used as part of a vertical/roller blind or panel system. The textile is suitable for both small and large rooms, as the sun protection measures 3 meters from side to side.

Homogeneous look

"In the new sun protection textile, we've managed to combine function and aesthetics," Cathrine says. Sintra pairs perfectly with other curtains and upholstery fabrics from Svensson's many different collections.

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