Semi— an exciting colour palette

The new upholstery fabric Semi is an effective mood brightener made from wool. The base fabric is available in 30 different shades that can be combined with each other to create both peace/quiet and life/movement.

The new product has been developed by designer Eva Larsson, whose goal was to create a beautiful fabric with a structural depth that enhances the look of furniture.

Easy to use

Semi is a durable and functional wool fabric suited to many different types of furniture and most public spaces. "I would love to see this fabric used in theatre venues, large auditoriums and open workspaces where the upholstery fabric forms the basis for the interior design," designer Eva Larsson says.

Due to the fabric being available only in plain colours, the added details are essential. Semi's expression can be easily customized with the help of cuts, knits, buttons, zippers and different colour combinations.

Endless colour combinations

Semi's colour palette has been inspired by yarns in natural colours. "Combining several Semi shades can be very striking. Together, they give an added depth and makes the space more exciting, thereby enhancing the impression it gives. Many of the shades look fantastic together; I keep coming up with new combinations all the time!"

> Press images (.zip)

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