Pond — Scandinavian simplicity with a poetic expression

Imagine large windows overlooking a welcoming lounge inside a contemporary office building or trendy hotel. Pond is the ideal decorative curtain for any such space, lending it an ethereal and beautiful touch. Developed by Inger Högberg, the design is based on traditional craftsmanship which has then been given a modern and exciting twist.

Draped poetry

How do you extract the perfect visual experience from a fabric? Textile designer Inger Högberg did so by being very thorough. "I started trying out different designs and colour combinations in a Dobby loom before the textile went into production in a 3-meter machine," Inger says. The result is a perfect blend of modernism and poetry.

Timeless quality

Pond exudes Scandinavian elegance and a timeless quality, which is exactly the type of traits a curtain requires if it wants to withstand the test of time. A future classic? "In order to create an interesting expression, the curtain has been woven using two different yarns. This gives the traditional design a contemporary and fascinating feel, as do the different warp and weft colours," Ingrid explains.

Beautiful base fabric

This is Scandinavian simplicity at its best: a powerful piece of textile that exudes an aura of calm and quiet. "The biggest challenge was developing a base fabric with a new expression that could withstand the test of time," Inger says. The fabric's impressive colour palette runs the gamut from light nature to dark and powerful. 18 colours in total.

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