Moment — a successful style meeting

The Moment curtain fabric represents the successful collaboration between two designers: Dorte Bo Bojesen and Aoi Yoshisawa. It's where high-quality design meets sweet poetry. The result? A contemporary, elegant curtain that has no problem being the centre of attention.

Design magic

Certain moments culminate in what can only be described as design magic. One such moment materialised when designers Dorte and Aoi decided to create something together. For this particular creation, Aoi, an expert in materials and finishes, developed the poetically abstract pattern while Dorte developed the colour scheme. Not surprisingly, we've decided to call the result of this meeting Moment.

Sensual colour scheme

The Moment curtain is available in six sensual shades where each shade has been given a unique pattern expression. Moment has an exciting and unconventional pattern scheme that is maximised in large venues with lots of light and space. By giving the textile the attention it deserves, its subtle and abstract flow becomes even more striking.

"I can definitely picture Moment in hotel lounges or other large venues with lots of space. Due to its double width, Moment is perfect for dressing large windows in spaces with high ceilings," Dorte says.

Large colour sections

During the development process, the biggest challenge was how to create large colour sections in a way that was both aesthetically pleasing and efficient from a production standpoint. "But I think we succeeded on that front." Moment measures 3 metres from selvedge to selvedge and is an easy to use pattern printed on one of Svensson's durable high-quality base fabrics. No pattern matching required.

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