Day — an ode to daylight

Our base curtain fabric Day has drawn a lot of attention to itself since it was first introduced on the market. Now the time has come to launch an updated version of the fabric, including an expanded colour palette and new double width.

Natural expressions

Day's ability to filter the light through its light-weight, irregularly woven construction brings to mind curtains made from natural materials. It drapes delicately yet with spirit.

"Day is a flame-retardant alternative to flax. The texture of the curtain is similar to that of flax with a characteristic structure and transparency," Inger Högberg, designer at Svensson, explains. The curtain is woven from Trevira CS.

Endless possibilities

The sustainable material and beautiful expression of this curtain makes is suitable for most public environments.

"The number of colours has increased from 22 to 31, which provides an endless number of colour combinations to choose from. We've also increased the width of the curtain from 150 to 300 cm in order to allow it to be hung seamlessly."

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