Roger-Lewis-logo.png Roger Lewis are British designers and makers of high-quality contemporary seating. The furniture sells around the world to retailers, designers and contract specifiers. Just like Svensson, Roger Lewis is a family-owned company, founded in 1988. Roger Lewis focus is on the contemporary design that is exciting, bold and full of character. They promote young design talent and collaborate with established successful designers & brands.

Gullane Snuggler

The combination of playful Yra and sustainable seasoned hardwoods birch and beech make this sofa a masterpiece.

Moraine Snuggler

All dressed up in Unit, Moraine Snuggler sofa looks chic.


The armchair Sintra in Moss and Rock. Two expressions, two personalities.


Object Armchair & Sofa
Location Great Britain
Architecture and Design Roger Lewis


Roger Lewis

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