The teaming up of Svensson with Italian furniture maker Busnelli is a match made in heaven. Both firms are noted for their exquisite craftsmanship and design.

Sometimes it just clicks. Everything is right and mutual love is a fact. That was was the case when Svensson met Busnelli at the Milan Furniture Fair, the design scene’s biggest stage, where large business deals are commonplace and long-term partnerships gain momentum.

Busnelli has been making upmarket furniture since the 1950s and recently merged with Former. Production takes place in Misinto, a town of 5,000 inhabitants in the province of Monza and Brianza north of Milan. This is an area renowned for its furniture manufacturing in much the same way that the Sjuhärad region, where Svensson has its roots, is known for textiles.

That the two companies have found the perfect match in each other was there for all to see. Occupying a large booth was Busnelli’s Todd sofa dressed up in Svensson’s exquisite green fabric Rami Plus. In one corner the sofa’s award-winning designer, Toan Nguyen, spoke about his creation.

And there was more star quality on display: Busnelli’s Stardust bed upholstered in the checked fabric Dia, whose squares are formed through a combination of three colours. The booth also featured cushions in the same fabric.

“Swedes are good at presenting their products. Svensson had piqued my curiosity because they make such beautiful, high-quality products. The manner in which the fabrics were woven and the colours they offered was crucial, as was their durability,” says Andrea Steidl, art director at Busnelli.

For Svensson, the upside of their collaboration was maintaining a presence in the region, as they have already worked with other well-known furniture companies in Milan, such as Moroso and Vitra.

“To succeed, it is absolutely crucial to make visits on-site, which is why we have an agent in Milan,” says Svensson’s export manager Erik Zingaropoli, who has the added advantage of being fluent in Italian. Steidl speaks warmly of the green Rami fabric and its touch of blue thread in both warp and weft that dazzled visitors to the fair. In this fabric, dull wool meets a so-called nettle fibre – once known as poor man’s silk – resulting in a particular shine and feeling of exclusivity.

Steidl also praises Svensson for being extremely good at taking care of the environment, and for following up with customers after they have made a purchase.

“Sweden is a natural partner for us. I have friends there and travel there quite often,” says the former architect who has previously worked with Claesson Koivisto Rune.

Viola Katic, Design and PR Manager at Busnelli, says: “Svensson’s textiles are, in many ways, in line with the style we want our collection to have. We recently met them again and looked at new, interesting fabrics.”

Object Sofa Todd
Location Misento, Italy
Architecture and Design Toan Nguyen



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